What Is Architectural Photography? A Quick Guide

Architectural photography is a field of photography that focuses on buildings and their designs. It’s typically in high demand and requires a specialist skillset that’s different from other types of photography.

There are many reasons to use an architectural photographer, and this is one activity that can be tough for amateurs to learn. In this article, we’ll explore what architectural photography is and how you can do it right.


Why Do You Need Architectural Photography?


How To Do Architectural Photography Right


Choose the Right Equipment like Cameras and Lenses

The correct gear is essential for architectural photography. For example, tilt-shift lenses are commonly used in this field because they allow you to adjust the angle of the lens independently of the camera. This makes it easier to photograph tall buildings without distortion.

Understand Lighting

Unlike many photography subjects, buildings are much harder to manipulate lighting for. They’re outdoors, they’re big, and you can’t just move them into a different room. Good architectural photographers understand how lighting works and how to use it to maximum effect when taking photos of structures. For example, architectural photographers will often shoot at various times of the day to make sure they capture the building in the optimum natural lighting.

They Can Find The Right Angles

Buildings are large, often asymmetrical, and can look very different from one angle to another. Good architectural photography is all about finding the right angles to showcase a building in the best way, deciding which of the almost infinite options are best. This kind of awareness is usually built up over many years of experience and can be tough to learn.

They Know What Details To Focus On

Just like with angles, buildings have an almost endless list of different details and features that a photographer can hone in on. The best architectural photographers have a sense of which ones to bring into the foreground and highlight in order to produce the best photos.

Capture The Essence and ‘Personality’ of The Building

What makes a specific building unique and special? What makes it different from all the others around it? Understanding these distinctions is important if you want to create a truly original photo that captures the essence of the building in question. It helps to understand the history of the building and how it fits into its surroundings. Know the story behind the building, and find out how to reflect that in a photograph.

Include People If It Helps (It Often Does)

Buildings don’t exist in isolation — they were almost all made by people, for people. This is why it’s important to consider the people around the building when taking photos. If the building is usually surrounded by people, it doesn’t make sense to try and remove them from the photo — they’re an important part of what makes the building special and can lend important character to the end result.

Use HDR Images

High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are perfect for architectural photography. These photos help capture details and make your photos richer and bringing the various elements in the scene together in a pleasing way.

Why Work With a Professional?

Architectural photography is tough. Capturing a unique and complimentary perspective on a building comes with many challenges, and it takes a lot of skill and experience to do this effectively. What’s more, this branch of photography often comes with high stakes — valuable sales, big-name awards, and impressive works of art.

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