What To Look For in a wedding photographer

Weddings are incredibly special days — you’ll only marry your partner once and you want everything to go as perfectly as possible. Part of this means capturing the magic of the day in as special a way as possible through photography.

This way, you’ll be able to remember your wedding day for many years to come, but it requires a professional touch. There are good wedding photographers, and there are wedding photographers you’re best to avoid. In this article, we’ll break down some of the main things to look for when choosing and hiring a wedding photographer.

Why Professional Wedding Photography Is So Important


What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

They Match Your Budget

Before committing to a wedding photographer, you should always make sure they fit within your budget. There’s nothing more disappointing than settling on the perfect photographer, only to find out at the last minute that you can’t afford them. Figure out your budget and get clear on costs early on.

They Match The Style You Want To Capture

There are many different styles of wedding photography. Traditional, unconventional candid… the list goes on. The mood and style you want to capture in your wedding photos is important, and different professionals have different areas of expertise. You should chat to your photographer beforehand about the styles they’re familiar with, and ask to see their portfolio to check out similar work they have done in the past.

They Have Good Reviews and Testimonials

A sure-fire way to get a good handle on your photographer’s skills is to look at the reviews and testimonials from their past customers. Every review is useful, but it’s especially important to look for reviewers who had a similar wedding and a similar photo style to you, if possible.

Talk To Them and Get To Know Them

The best wedding photographers will want to talk to you about your event. We’re a friendly bunch, but that’s not the only reason we do this — it’s also to learn as much as possible about your planned event and how you want to capture it. Talking to your photographer beforehand is an opportunity to show them exactly what you want to achieve, get to know them as a person and a professional, and make sure you’re both on exactly the same page.

They Know Your Venue

Your photographer may not always know your venue — and this isn’t a dealbreaker — but if you can find someone who has worked in your chosen venue before, this can be a big selling point. They’ll know where everything is, where the best angles and shots are, how the lighting works, and how to manipulate the environment to get the best photos possible.

Even if your photographer hasn’t been to your exact venue before, it’s still useful if they’re familiar with your type of venue. For example, darker venues can be challenging for photographers, so if this is the case it’s best to work with someone who has relevant experience.

A good wedding photographer can really be the icing on the cake of your perfect wedding day. I’ve been working at weddings for many years in and around Mackay, Queensland, and I know just how to capture your perfect day forever. Get in touch to find out more.