A Professional Portrait Photographer Will Capture the Essence of Who You Are

A portrait is more than just a normal photograph. It’s something that we might get only a handful of times in our lives and has a special significance that goes beyond ordinary pictures.

Why should you pay for a professional portrait photographer? There are lots of reasons we might get a portrait — and lots of different types of portraits. A professional can help make sure the end result is exactly what you want, perfectly representing your personality and the vibe you want to capture.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons to use a good professional portrait photographer, and what to look for.

First, let’s go through some of the most common types of portraits.


The Different Types of Portraits



A professional portrait is typically used in things like resumes, LinkedIn profiles, corporate websites, and offices. It’s a photo that presents you in an especially formal and respectable way, capturing the most professional side of you.



The family portrait is a truly special thing and has its place in every family home. The best family portraits aren’t just photos — they’re time capsules preserving everyone’s personality and the dynamics of the family at that moment for years to come. 

It can be difficult to get everyone to come together and get the conditions right for a perfect family portrait — especially when kids are involved — and this is one area where a professional photographer can play a key role.



A couples’ portrait is a great way to share a special moment with your significant other, and the best ones convey the real essence of the relationship. A good photographer can help you get all the ingredients right to do this in the best possible way.



Although candid photos technically aren’t portraits, they often are in all but name. A candid photo — taken in a way that looks natural and not staged — can be a great way to show off your true personality and be a more playful alternative to a traditional portrait. This requires some skill to pull off, however.


Lifestyle portraits

Similar to candid photos, lifestyle portraits are designed to capture a moment in time in a natural and unfiltered way. They might show you doing a hobby you love, spending time with your family, or just going about your daily life. As with candids, they require skill and experience to do effectively.


Why You Need a Portrait Photographer

Whatever type of portrait you need, it’s always best to work with a professional photographer. Portraits are one thing that can’t really be done in an amateur way — they require a certain level of expertise and equipment. Here are some of the main reasons to work with a professional.


They Know How to Capture the Essence of Who You Are

Portraits aren’t just photos — they’re something to treasure and remember for the rest of our lives. A portrait should capture that moment in time and who you are, and should contain some glimmer of your personality. Only a professional portrait photographer will be able to do this.


Get the Technical Details Right

Taking a good portrait is a technical process. There are many factors to consider like lighting, staging, location, and much more. It also requires expensive, specialist equipment. These are all things only a professional will be able to understand and handle.


A Good Portrait Will Last Forever

There are many ways you can use a good portrait. It can be a decoration or ornament, a useful professional tool, an heirloom for future generations, and much more. Done right, by a professional, a portrait can last for many, many years — including far beyond our own lifetimes.


It Can Be Used in Self-promotion

Portraits aren’t just for hanging on the wall. They can be used on social media, business cards, a professional website, or anywhere else you promote yourself or your business. A professionally-taken portrait always looks better than the amateur alternative.


What to Look for in a Photographer

There are many options for portrait photographers, but they won’t all be a good fit for what you need. It’s best to take a little time getting to know your photographer before you start your project. Here are a few things to consider:

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